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Helping Our Members Achieve, Perform & Learn

Continuous Education to Stay Ahead of the Pack

In today’s competitive business environment, it takes contractors who are well informed, educated and connected to stay ahead. We equip our members for success with meetings and educational programs that give them the skills and tools needed to be the best in the industry.

NYC SMACNA offers publications, educational classes and self-study programs on financial management, project management and myriad issues impacting the ever-evolving marketplace to keep our members efficient and highly qualified to do their best work.

Our members’ safety is at the forefront of our training, education and core mission. We constantly strive to ensure members’ well-being by updating and educating them on the latest safety measures and standards.

Empowering Careers Through Apprenticeships & Workforce Training

Apprenticeships – The industry requires successful completion of a four-year apprenticeship program and maintains its own full-time state-of-the-art school facility for this purpose located at 139-20 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica, New York. This process gives our contractors access to the best-trained, specialized apprentices who, only after meeting rigorous standards, become full-fledged sheet metal journeypersons.

Continuing Education – An array of courses are offered to keep journeypersons abreast of new techniques and special skills to advance their careers.

Leading Industry-Standard Publications

The technical standards and manuals developed by SMACNA are accepted across the globe by the construction community.

Technical standards and manuals developed by SMACNA are the national standards in the construction community, including local, state and federal government agencies. NYC SMACNA has contributed to these renowned publications as a leading voice in the industry.

SMACNA standards and manuals address all facets of the sheet metal and HVAC industry, from duct construction and installation to indoor air quality to solar energy to welding and much more.

The full library of standards, specifications, technical books, manuals and practices are made available to our members and to the industry.

Representing Our Members’ Best Interests Through Harmonious Labor-Management Relations

NYC SMACNA is one of the largest and most influential sheet metal and HVAC contracting organizations in the nation. Our members benefit from harmonious labor management initiatives that help improve businesses, ensure worker fairness and equality — and elevate the entire sheet metal and HVAC industry.

NYC SMACNA represents its members’ interests in the negotiation of the industry-wide Collective Bargaining Agreement with Sheet Metal Workers Local Union No. 28.

Additionally, we conduct frequent seminars and programs to educate contractors about labor-management interaction, labor law, mutual-gains bargaining techniques and dispute resolution.

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